I'm Still Breathing
I leave the gas on Walk the allies in the dark Sleep with candles burning I leave the door unlocked I'm weaving a rope and Running all the red lights Did I get your attention Cause I'm sending All the signs and The clock is ticking And I'll be giving My 2 weeks Pick your favorite Shade of black You'd best Prepare a speech Say something funny Say something sweet But don't say That you loved me [Chorus:] Cause I'm still breathing Though we've been Ddead for awhile This sickness has no cure We're goin down for sure Already lost a grip Best abandon ship Maybe I was too pale Maybe I was too fat Maybe you wanted better Better luck off in the sack No formal education And I swore way too much But I swear You didn't fucking care Cause we were in love So as I write this letter And she'd my last tear No, it's all for the better That we end this this year Let's close this chapter Say one last prayer But don't say That you loved me I'm still breathing I'm still breathing
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What is the meaning of I'm Still Breathing by Katy Perry?
forevershadowhuntergod posted 7 months ago
At the begininng of the song she seems rather depressed and suicidal "weaving a rope" and "leaving the door unlocked". Suicidal people typically do risky things like that because they no longer care for there life. She also says she has "two weeks left" and she tells the person to pick their "favorite shade of black". Black typically signifies death and she is implying she might be dead soon. She doesn't want the person to say they loved her because she believed that maybe they didn't and so saying something like that wouldn't be true, and maybe truthfully she wouldn't want to hear it because clearly the ending of the relationship hurt her. Overall, the song is about how depressed and insecure after breaking off the relationship.