Mortuus Est. Pax
Paralyzed in your casket of hate. Asphyxiated by our selfish ways. Mirror my reality, see what I see and tell me if this is how it should be. Living with these people is much much worse than death could be. Living with these people, not even close to where I want to be. Doves hang from nooses with not a question found. Efforts to make this world better are rotting in hell. Melt the ice caps, drown the glaciers in greed. Ignore the facts until your self entitled body sees. Brick by brick. We’re put into place. Fall in line, condemned you will be. Money spent on education of sheep. Forced to sit and not speak. Question authority, find the answers you seek. We’re cemented together against our will. Just more meat for the melting pot. If you can’t handle death, you can’t handle life. The truth is straight black and white. Doves are extinct, our nation the burial ground. Represented by income and doubt. Stripped of our bones and mind, the American dream drilled inside. Others starve as I eat. Not a worry in sight cause I’m alright. Selfish is the red, white, and blue way. Problems will arise when there is no room for all the bodies to hide. Glaciers are drowning, militia’s forming. We are dead
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