Death's Penalty
Who allows you to take a life? We preach two wrongs don’t make a fucking right. If it means I’m entertained, we’ll watch you die and laugh at your pain. Can you live with the blood on your hands? Years come and go, spent rotting. Rotting in a world of black. In darkness my anger is real. Malicious vultures, what do you feel? Curse a name or curse myself, search my thoughts while others search for help. A fucking cloud above the city that only pours for you. We take these things lightly, but they weigh heavy on our chest. How many times can you say R.I.P. till it’s fucking meaningless? You’ll be gone, blacked out for good. We don’t care till it happens to us. Everything is painless when desensitized. God bless ignorance, the weapon by our side. I’m drowning in guilt, skinned alive. Deprived of the truth the whole time. Death’s penalty: Being held alive, watching our world die.
Submitted by 878
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