Hell on earth is what we’re accustomed to. The pain is real. The blind eye looks away. I hope you can sleep well knowing your children burned at the cost of the hem on your sheets. Blood on the flag, the colors extracted, we are divided. Nihilism infused in their bones. Time will only tell when we’re all infected. The struggles we all suffer aren’t humane but we ignore the cries, and when you hear them cry another one dies. I can’t decided what I want to be. We all live, we all die divided. We are guilty, we are wrong, we are damned, we are filled with air. From the ones we’ve killed to build these towers, we are divided. Freedom is a figure of speech, only given to those with power and you don’t even know. Underestimating death till your body turns to ash. I’m grateful for what I have but disappointed in what others don’t. We’re born equal with un-equal opportunity, and that ain’t right. Be free with a noose around your neck, or oppressed with a target on your back.
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