I expect nothing less from you. Keep your pain in mind while I burn down your shrine. I hope the spotlight burns to the bone. I want to see it hurt, I want to see it burn. Beg god for mercy, cause I’m giving you none… none at all. If you weren’t there for me then why the fuck would I be there for you? Second chances only exist when the noose breaks or the chair quits. Barbed wire fence wrapped around my life. It keeps them out and hurts to get in. Trust is a lost form in our world of currency. People only want in just to take and take away from me. It leaves me feeling lifeless. Keep your pain in mind as I burn your shrine. I hope the spot light burns to the bone. Hang me from the ceiling so I can’t see, my time is dwindling. I’m sick of letting people in, when there is no one at the end. What am I worth? Just another sacrifice. I see struggle, I see pain. I know things I wish I did not know.
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